Shana Lynch, South River, NL
Preventative Maintenance Coordinator, St. John’s Head Office, Ocean Choice

Shana Lynch works on land but her job at Ocean Choice is critical to keeping things running smoothly at sea. As the company’s Preventative Maintenance Coordinator, she uses MXSuite fleet management software program to modernize and digitalize key aspects of vessel operations.

“The software covers everything from vessel maintenance schedules and inventory to crew certification renewals and onboard safety drills,” explains Lynch, who graduated from the electronics engineering technology (instrumentation) program at the College of the North Atlantic in 2010.

Technical Managers, Vessel Managers and Chief Engineers throughout the company work with and depend on Shana to keep the many modules and lists up to date. With impeccable attention to detail and organization, coupled with knowledge of the equipment and vessel operations, Shana delivers.

She uses manuals and consultation with colleagues to lead the input of all maintenance routines for hundreds of pieces of equipment on each vessel. That includes checks on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, as well as according to equipment running hours. In addition to knowing when each check needs to occur, Shana’s coordination ensures inventory necessary to complete the maintenance work is in stock and on board when the work is scheduled to be done. This organization is needed during periods of planned maintenance at the dock but is especially important while the vessels are at sea.

The MXSuite software safety module allows Captains and First Mates to complete drills onboard and link the employees to those drills. It also includes all forms and checklists needed to ensure all work completed onboard is carried out safely. The certificate module keeps track of vessel certifications such as DNV certifications and the crewing module keeps track of certificates for all crew, including when any certificates will expire. The fuel, lube and gas oil module tracks when tanks are filled and emptied, creating trend graphs to confirm nothing is leaking.

“The system ensures all forms and check lists are easily and quickly accessible at sea, but it also helps the flow of information on land,” Lynch explains. “In the past, if someone at the St. John’s office needed to know if a safety drill was done or maintenance completed, they’d have to call the vessel to confirm, which may mean waking someone up or disrupting their work schedule. Now it’s at our fingertips any time of day.”

When asked what she’s learned most since taking on the new Preventative Maintenance position in 2016, Shana says “I’ve learned a lot about the fishery and why it’s so important. I’ve learned about the equipment on the vessels and what it takes to maintain it. But the biggest thing I’ve learned is what I’m capable of doing. I expanded my knowledge and applied my skills in a way that improves the way the vessels and the company operate. That’s a great feeling.”

MXSuite has been installed on over 1250 vessels around the world and Ocean Choice was the first company in North America to use the fleet management software.

“I’m proud to work for a company that is technologically progressive and innovative. But, honestly, what I appreciate most about Ocean Choice is that it is locally owned and employs so many people in the province.”