For the offshore fishery, sustainability means harvesting and processing seafood responsibly. Our members support the advice of science on annual fish quotas. We all owe it to future generations to protect the marine resources we enjoy today so that our children and grandchildren can do the same.

The MSC Certification

As a result of our sustainability practices, every year, many stocks harvested in the offshore fishery are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the most recognized program for sustainability of wild-capture seafood in the world. The MSC certification requires extensive assessments and audits that evaluate the overall sustainability of the fishery. It considers things like the health of target stocks, the impact on marine habitats, and the overarching management system.

Most seafood harvested by the offshore fishery is MSC-certified, including the following species:

Yellowtail Flounder
Snow Crab
Atlantic Halibut

Other stocks harvested in the offshore fishery are in multi-year, multi-million-dollar Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) to improve stock sustainability. This work is led by industry associations like the Atlantic Groundfish Council and the Canadian Association of Prawn Producers.

With MSC certifications abounding, the offshore fishery protects its marine resources while strengthening our economy.