The Offshore Fishery: A Modern, Thriving Industry

Today’s offshore fishery is a modern, thriving industry that employs thousands of Atlantic Canadians year-round.

These men and women work on vessels, in fish plants, and in offices to bring the region’s exceptional seafood to dozens of countries throughout the world.

But it’s about more than seafood. The offshore fishery is committed to technology, sustainability, research, and the environment. It’s an innovative industry that creates jobs, strengthens our economy, protects our oceans, and positions our province — and country — in global markets.

Our Stories

Meet the people of the offshore fishery and explore the unique career opportunities. Learn about innovative technologies that improve product quality and decrease environmental footprint. Discover how rural communities are the heart of the industry.

Local Impact

Our people and the communities in which they work are the backbone of the offshore fishery. Take a look at our map to see how we’re connected to each pinned community.


The offshore fishery values innovation, particularly in sustainability, technology, and research. Learn more about how this modern, thriving industry is making an impact:


From harvesting to processing, management, and beyond, there are many job opportunities in the offshore fishery.