Judson Parsons, CBS, NL
Marine Engineer, Katsheshuk II, Ocean Choice International

Judson Parsons first applied to work in the offshore fishery because a local company, Ocean Choice International, offered paid work-terms, something not all employers do. Seven years later, he continues to work as a Marine Engineer in the offshore fishery.

Judson says he’s one of many who started working in the industry and never left. “A lot of the people I work with today, I’ve worked with for years. It’s good pay, a good working environment and people are treated well so they stick around,” he explains.

From the time he joins the boat until the day he leaves, Judson says no two days are the same in the engineering department. Some days he is changing the oil on turbo chargers, greasing winches and diagnosing potential issues PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers). Other days he’s changing cylinder heads or working on electronics in the ship’s factory.

“From the engine and winches, to refrigeration systems, steering systems and plumbing systems, we are responsible for all maintenance and repairs on the vessel. You’re always learning because every trip and every day is unique,” he explains.

Judson is from Bay Roberts, but today the Marine Institute grad lives in Conception Bay South with his wife, Lesley. Like many working in the offshore or other rotational jobs, Judson appreciates the equal periods of time at home. “You come home for 4 weeks and your time is your own.” Besides time with family and friends, he enjoys spending time in his garage, working on repairs or making something new.